About Us

Giving Back

Community Involvement

The TFG Group recognizes the incredible power that comes with the act of giving. Our philosophy of the “glass is half full” translates throughout TFG’s optimistic perception of the world; we allow our team members and our company to share their energy to create opportunities for those who are in need.

TFG believes when you give – and give from the heart – you send out a powerful message that says you’re willing to share what you have and thus the more you have the more you will share.

We encourage all team members to get involved in our charitable efforts, offering multiple opportunities throughout the year to get involved, whether it be Movember, Fight MND, Loud Shirt Day, Jeans for Genes day, and more. Our purpose is to give our TFG Team an avenue to give back. It is important to team morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team.

Our primary charity is Variety the Children’s Charity in WA. It is all about empowering Western Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged, or have special needs to live laugh and learn.

Please visit Variety to find out how you can give.
We are also proud sponsors of the Smith Family Charity.