About Us

Our Culture

What do we believe in?

TFG Group believes in the philosophy of the “glass is half full”. This empowers our team to work together in reaching optimum personal and professional growth that is sustainable and compatible with our company vision and commitment to innovation and integrity.

Our culture permeates through our team members, who are focused and intent on enabling our clients to achieve their goals. We harness the energy, ideas, and motivation of each individual to make our business work.

We also believe in the blue sky philosophy in creatively bringing about new approaches to business. Our blue sky ideology focuses our team on “thinking outside the box”. TFG’s blue sky optimism works in harmony with our genuine commitment to superior efficiency, flexibility, and quality in our delivery of projects and fabrications.

TFG’s commitment to applying lean management systems enables us to empower our team, add value to everyday business dealings and build real relationships. We strongly believe that “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” and with a positive attitude we can “make it happen”.

“I never get tired of the blue sky”

–Vincent Van Gogh