Balter Brewing

Client: Carlton & Unites Breweries
Year: 2020
Industry: Brewing
Location: Queensland

To meet the demands of the hugely successful Balter Brewing Company, TFG Group were engaged by Balter Brewing and Carlton & United Breweries to install a Krones 50 hectolitre brewhouse with 300hl and 500hl cellar upgrades at the Currumbin Waters site in QLD.

TFG worked alongside the Balter and Krones teams to ensure the layout of the brewery was maximised. This included:

  • 50hl Krones Brewhouse
  • 13 x 300hl fermenters.
  • 2 x 300hl bright beer tanks
  • 6 x 500hl fermenters
  • 2 x 500hl bright beer tanks
  • Krones cellar CIP
  • Krones can filler
  • Keg filler washer
  • 15 x flow panels
  • Product, CIP, and services piping

With the global Coronavirus pandemic restricting international travel, brewery manufacturers Krones were unable to fly their European commissioning team into Australia to commission the project. Luckily, TFG Project Manager Mark Wardell has 20+ years in brewery installation and commissioning. Mark worked alongside local brew masters as the on-site commissioning team, who were guided online by two commissioning engineers in Freising, Germany. The remote commissioning was a first for Krones, but the team collaborated brilliantly, and the commissioning was completed ahead of schedule!