Beenyup Advanced Water Recycling Plant Stage 2

Client: Clough Suez Water Partners
Year: 2018
Industry: Water
Location: Western Australia

TFG Group supplied large N6 Pipe Spools for Beenyup AWRP Stage 2. The Clough SUEZ Water Partners joint venture was awarded a contract to complete the Stage 2 expansion at the AWRP Stage 2 in Craigie, Western Australia. The Clough SUEZ Water Partnership brought together Engineering and Construction Company, Clough, with global resource management firm, SUEZ, to design and construct the new plant for Water Corporation. The scope of the expansion project included doubling the plant’s capacity to recharge up to 28 billion litres of recycled water each year, which will provide further water security to the residents of Perth

TFG were awarded the supply of large NB Pipe spools for Beenyup AWRP Stage 2. 90-degree 6mm thick lobster back bends fabricated from free issue pipe with transition piece to suit pipes. TFG’s experience in specialised fabrication provided our client with QA deliverables including full traceability coupled with the client request to complete the project with full penetration both internal and external welds SS (GTAN) (FCAW).

TFG safely and successfully completed the project within the timeframe and the final fabricated spools were of an extremely high standard.