Brewhouse Installation at the Camfield Tavern

Client: Lion Dairy & Drinks Services
Year: 2018
Industry: Brewing
Location: Western Australia

Lion Dairy & Drinks Services awarded TFG Group the installation of the boutique “Bevy Brewery” in the new $5 billion Optus Stadium precinct. The project afforded the mechanical installation team a six week window to complete the installation of the three stage DME 12 hectolitre Brewery.

TFG was given a brief timeframe to mechanically install the micro-brewery within the Camfield Tavern. Our team installed three brew vessels, 11 fermenters, six unitanks, a malt bin, both hot and cold liquor tanks and one bright beer tank. We also expertly installed the process pipework and valves to all services and equipment including the boiler, compressor and glycol chiller.  

The boiler vent pipework was designed and fabricated to complement the architectural design of the unique positioning of the brewery at the Camfield location. TFG designed in consultation with Lion, the malt bin which was then fabricated locally and installed on site. Stainless steel steam and condensate lines were installed to ensure the highest food grade standards were achieved. The team was integral in seeking design and fabrication approvals for the pipe racks and supports throughout the micro-brewery.

TFG worked collaboratively with PACT Construction, the main building contractor and Western Technical & Electrical Contracting who provided the comprehensive electrical installation of the brewery to ensure the six week short time frame for installation of the micro-brewery was successful.