Brewhouse Installation

Client: Ziemann Holvrieka GMBH
Year: 2009-2010
Industry: Brewing
Location: New South Wales

TFG Group was engaged as the key mechanical installation contractor for the greenfield site which consisted of a brewhouse, cellar, fermentation vats and bottling plant as well as all vessels and equipment.

The TFG team consisted of tradesmen working to the highest quality industry standards and included specialised sanitary welders, fitters, electricians and project management personnel. Together, they installed almost 25 kilometres of pipework for the new brewhouse.

One of the biggest challenges faced by TFG was the strict 8 month timeframe which was achieved with zero safety incidents.

A large component of the project was the installation of 48 fermentation and storage vessels which were 18m in height & 4m in diameter. Using two cranes for top-and-tail operation, TFG completed the installation at a rate of 4 per day.