ELUTION SKIDS, Philippines
Gold Mine Elution Skids

Client: Engineered Process Systems
Year: 2008-2010
Industry: Mining
Location: International

Consultancy Engineers EPS awarded TFG Group contracts to supply and fabricate several skid mounted Elution Circuit Heating packages. These skids were manufactured to be installed at a number of National and International Gold Mines.

TFG fabricated several skids with a custom galvanized frame structure and cladded with fitted floor where required. TFG also installed process equipment to custom isometric drawing specifications; pre spooled and fitted fabricated pipe spooling and specific flue equipment for each skid.

TFG project managed the process of supplying insulation of the heat circuit pipe spools, fitted electrical instrumentation, flanges, flow meters, heat exchangers and associated specialised installation of pumps, tanks, tubing and valves.

EPS required the elution packages and vessels to be pre commissioned and pressure tested. TFG performed the testing on our premises before transportation to site for the end client.