Johnson & Johnson Baby Formula Production Facility

Client: Tetra Pak
Year: 2013-2014
Industry: Food
Location: Singapore

In 2013, Tetra Pak engaged TFG Group to assist with the upgrade of primary pipework for their powdered formula milk production facility, owned by Johnson’s Baby Foods in Singapore. The upgrade came after fears of contaminated formula milk products through the Asian market and it was decided that the facility would be upgraded to meet stringent Australian Standards.

TFG chose 14 of their most specialised aseptic welding technicians to travel to Singapore, along with their own orbital welder to complete the works which included:

  • Pipework from the wet processing system of the milk product
  • Pipework into the spray dryer equipment

As specialists in the mechanical installation of food and beverage pipework, TFG are well-versed in aseptic welding techniques to eliminate the potential for bacterial contamination.

Due to the potentially fatal effects of formula contamination for infants, TFG’s installation included the latest innovation in food grade welding. An orbital welder was engaged for all welds within the project, which were also then purge tacked to ensure the smoothest internal weld seam and reduce areas of build-up which can attract bacteria. All welds were then borescope tested, which provided imaging of all internal welds to ensure smooth adhesion and helps to guarantee the sanitary quality of the end product.