Midfield Meat International Factory

Client: SPX Flow Technology
Year: 2016
Industry: Food
Location: South Australia

TFG Group was contracted by SPX Flow Technology to install a 3.9 tonne milk powder plant for Midfield Meat International, the end client. The installation was completed over a period of seven months and comprised of an evaporator, dryer equipment and all associated pipework. TFG was also engaged to complete and install the ducting for the project. The sequence of the project timeline involved the installation of all main equipment including the MVR and TVR Calandrias (both EFB & IFB), bag filter and homogeniser. TFG assembled the dryer cone and chamber and then installed these components with the evaporator and dryer.

This project specified the ductwork to be internally polished and required specialised tradesman to assemble and fabricate. All weld seams in the dryer were Dye Penetrant (NDT) and TFG provided extensive weld maps and logs to the client throughout. All associated pipework was fabricated and installed to AS4041 and installed ductwork and pipework was insulated by TFG to AS4426 -1997 and labelled as per AS1345. All steam and SAF 2205 were X rayed to 10% of the welds.

TFG’s Fabrications division manufactured and fabricated the specialised platforms and handrails for installation in the milk powder plant and dryer project. The complex platforms were fabricated at TFG’s Welshpool factory and then transported to site to be installed by qualified tradesmen.

TFG is a quality assured company with ISO 9001 accreditation. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, internal audits and compliances and our ongoing  commitment to continual improvement.