Project Hyde Park - West End Brewery

Client: Lion 
Year: 2013-2015
Industry: Brewing
Location: South Australia

As a major project partner for all mechanical installation works at the new West End Brewery, TFG Group offered specialised solutions backed by extensive industry knowledge and an experienced team of welders, fitters and project management specialists. As part of the brewery upgrade project by brewing giant Lion, TFG were engaged to upgrade the cross-flow filtration system within the brewery.

The cross-flow filtration system at West End Brewery is used for bulk yeast removal from the original brew liquid. The stream passes over a membrane of fine pores, allowing the beer to diffuse through the ceramic membrane whilst the yeast is trapped. This process results in a clean, filtered brew. 

The West End Brewery upgrade ran for two years with 35 specialised welders from TFG onsite full time.


TFG installed a Pall Filtration System in a four month period which was a critical pathway in the Hyde Park project timeline. Due to the product and filtration sensitivity this system was installed in a purpose built sandwich panel cleans room. TFG exceeded the client’s expectations in relation to the installation of the Cross-Flow Filtration System at West End.