Shenton Park Waste Water Treatment Facility

Client: RCR Tomlinson
Year: 2008
Industry: Water
Location: Western Australia

TFG Group was awarded the design, engineering, fabrication and testing of the Buffer Tank to be installed for the purpose of Waster water treatment at Shenton Park in Western Australia. 

TFG successfully completed the fabrication of the 25mm walled tank in a short timeframe of 4 weeks. The design, engineering fabrication and final NDT testing was completed within the required time and produced a fully compliant tank fit for purpose on site.

TFG applied Corrocoat to the Buffer Tank internally and externally to ensure anti corrosion of the tank in the Waste Water facility. The coating application is often the time restricting factor during the fabrication process, however, due to the rapid cure of the product used, the cost and time benefits when using Corrocoat materials can be hugely advantageous.

Finally, on completion of the Buffer Tank, TFG was responsible for the Non-Destructive Testing of the tank before installation on site. This testing was conducted by NACE inspectors to ensure the highest possible quality standards were maintained in strict accordance with TFG’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System.