Fuchs Lubricant Plant Expansion

Client: Fuchs Lubricants
Year: 2017
Industry: Industrial
Location: New South Wales

TFG Group proudly completed the Greenfield mechanical installation expansion for Fuchs Lubricants in Beresfield, New South Wales. The 12-month installation project included nine kilometres of 304 stainless steel sanitary grade tube, one kilometre of stainless steel pipe, multiple tanks and the specialised fabrication of a blending platform and pipe racks to move specialised oils around the 25,000 metered squared factory.

TFG’s engineering team completed 3D drawings, then designed, fabricated and installed the 35 tonne specialised blending platform and pipe racks for the Lubricant Plant. The racks were designed for 40 percent extra capacity with future expansion. The platform is over 40 meters long and three tiers high and was flat packed, transported, assembled and installed by the Foodline Projects team on site in Beresfield. 40 tonnes of steel were used in the fabrication of the pipe racks and platform.

TFG also fabricated in their Perth Workshop a 6m x 4.5m blending platform complete with a stair access platform. It also included two extensive flow boards incorporating 46 ports and swing boards, combined with the fabrication and welding of additive hoppers. These were transported to site in Beresfield and installed by the Foodline team. Both platform and flow boards include full drip tray protection for cleanliness and safety of operators.

TFG reached another project milestone in quality and safety with 12 months or 26,000 hours MTI and LTI free. This is a testament to the dedicated project team on completing the specialised installation of pipework, tanks and all equipment within budget and on time.