Santos Waddy Brae Minesite

Client: Veolia
Year: 2012
Industry: Mining, Water
Location: Queensland

In a world first, TFG Group were given the opportunity to fabricate a water treatment module which combined micro-filtration and reverse osmosis carbon filtration systems on the same transportable skid.

The resulting module was capable of converting 30,000L of waste water into potable water every hour.

TFG was chosen as the successful candidate due to their previous experience with complex filtration projects, combined with their reputation for a high quality finished product. SAF duplex 2205 steel was used for all high pressure pipework and the entire module fit on a 12 metre skid for ease of assembly.

TFG’s General Manager, Tom Moultrie said “We were excited to be a part of this project since it had never been done before.” The module fabrication was completed within the tight three month schedule and we were delighted with the finished product.”

  • Fabrication of individual components using a combination of stainless and SAF duplex 2205 steel
  • Container modifications for skid
  • Installed equipment pipework
  • Fabricated cable trays
  • Installed all air lines and controls
  • Assisted electrical trades with installation
  • Access ladders and safety rails
  • Assisted with commissioning
  • Disassembled and packaged for safe and secure delivery to site.