XXXX Brewery

Client: Flexigen
Year: 2019
Industry: Brewing
Location: Queensland

The waste water treatment plant at the XXXX Brewery had proven itself to be an efficient method of producing biogas, reusing this energy stream as an alternate plant fuel to natural gas. To allow for buffering of demand and to increase the overall production capacity of the biogas system, a new 100m3 low-pressure biogas bag was designed to replace the existing 25m3 bag.

Flexigen were engaged by Lion Australia to design and construct the new Biogas bag at the brewery in Brisbane and awarded TFG Group the opportunity to deliver the mechanical installation requirements which included:

  • Removal of the existing system, including rework of the existing floor area
  • Installation of the new gas bag and support system
  • Installation of 316SS pipework between the bag and incoming gas line
  • Installation of the new biogas blower and connector, along with condensate trap, drain and vent work

The project had a number of critical challenges that required focused communication and project management between Flexigen and TFG. The core challenge was the 4x increased capacity in a small space. Flexigen opted for single skin un-pressurised storage system which allowed for higher utilisation. To ensure the safety and reliability of the new system, TFG installed a stainless steel caged protection system to the new Biogas bag.

TFG’s commitment to quality on this project ensured the installation was completed on time and on budget with zero safety incidents. Procedural certifications included welder qualifications and weld procedure documentation as well as materials and consumables certificates.