Ziemann Holvreika GmbH - Budweiser Brewing Upgrade

Client: Carlton & Unites Breweries
Year: 2018
Industry: Brewing
Location: Queensland

TFG Group was awarded the upgrade to the existing Woodchip Cooking Plant for Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH, to allow the brewing of an additional woodchip flavour for the new Budweiser brew.

TFG installed the permanent woodchip flavour dosing skid, the free issue skid, within the plant, as well as fabricating and installing the access platform. This platform was pre-fabricated in the TFG Brisbane workshop. TFG was also proud to install the two new process lines through the existing cellar to allow for woodchip dosing into the current brewing system. The team was able to install all new services to the skid from the plants local tie-in points.  

This project took TFG six weeks to complete and occurred in three main stages:

  • Pre-running of pipework;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • Connection into existing services and product lines.

TFG completed the project on site with zero harm and followed all safety and quality practices and policies.