The Dukes Set Off !!

Estimated Departure Time: TODAY!!!

We wish the boys in the “General Swede” safe travels and we trust that unlike the original “Dukes of Hazard” that the “Dukes of Haphazard”, aka Ryan and Webby, do NOT end up surrounded by the boys in blue and attempting a hair raising escape!!! 

Go well and drive safe guys. We know you will raise the funds and maybe a few eyebrows along the way too! 

Support the boys here:

The Shitbox Challenge 2019

TFG is super proud to support these two amazing humans Ryan Chandler and Damien Webster.
They will rally their $1000 car across some of Australia’s most formidable roads, all in the name of Charity – The Cancer Council.
The “General Swede” a 1992 Volvo ( at least she’s safe!!) will drive from Perth to Uluru and then onto Sydney. TFG has donated some tyres and funds to help the lads make the distance.
God’s Speed Boys.
Please donate below, for a great cause and we will keep you updated on their massive journey.

Spray Tank Extension Upgrades

Spray Tank Extensions sitting on a John Deere tractor. Emphasis on secondary breather and tank reinforcement.

At TFG Group we have recently upgraded our Spray Tank Extensions. These Extensions feature a number of improvements including a secondary breather for more effective filling.

Hear from a happy client:
“Farming is a business.This new Spray Tank Extension gives a competitive advantage – more time to focus on being productive instead of just BUSY” – Grant Lukins.

NSW Government Accreditation

TFG is very excited to announce that we have been accredited by the New South Wales government. We have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of NSW Government WHS Management System Guidelines.

This will enable us to work successfully in the water sector of NSW.

International Happiness Day 2019

Happiness is indeed totally worthy of celebrating and today is the global aka “International Day of Happiness”. Spread some happy deeds and words to bring a little joy to your life and others. 
Check out our TFG Values which coincidently are based on the acronym of HAPPINESS… 

What makes you HAPPY??? 

Thank You INCUB8

Here at TFG, we choose to partner with like-minded companies to achieve successful outcomes in all of our projects and initiatives. 

Incub8 has just built and completed 3 websites for TFG and we are over the moon happy with the end result…and more importantly how INCUB8 and T’anne and her team made us feel….empowered and energised throughout the whole process…

Need a new web design, they are the real deal!!!
Thanks, T’Anne and Team.

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