TFG Appoints Quensh for HSEQ Services

TFG is delighted to announce that it has selected Quensh Specialists to provide HSEQ advisory services to our national operations as part of our next phase of growth.

As Australia’s premier fabrication and installation experts for the food & beverage, water treatment, pharmaceutical and resources industries, the quality of the products and services that we supply is paramount to our success. It is therefore imperative that we chose to partner with an organisation that will advise, guide and support us through Quality, Safety & Environmental improvements.

“It’s a pleasure to have joined the TFG team at such an integral point in their growth story,” Quensh Asia Pacific Manager, Gail Milne said. “Our role is to ensure that TFG not only remain compliant and safe, but also to assist in identifying opportunities to streamline processes to meet global best practice systems.”

Quensh’s realistic, ‘fit for purpose’ approach to HSEQ responsibilities has already allowed TFG to achieve a number of strategic and operational objectives, while driving positive behaviours amongst the national team.
TFG General Manager Peter Walton said that “TFG will never compromise on the quality of our work, or the safety of our employees, contractors, customers or the public. Therefore we decided that HSEQ process improvement was a key strategic objective for this financial year. While the world may be in turmoil due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our aim is to come out the other side stronger, with more efficient processes and procedures that will allow us to continue to deliver exceptional fabrication and installation services to our customers.”

Quensh are assisting TFG in maintaining and improving our compliance to International Quality Standard ISO9001 while supporting our journey to achieve certification to the International Standard for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001: 2018) and Environment Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015).

TFG appoint Cohesis for CIO Advisory Services

TFG General Manager Peter Walton welcomes Cohesis CEO Simon Cohen to the team

TFG is delighted to announce that it has selected Cohesis to provide national CIO advisory services to support its next phase of growth.

TFG specialises in stainless steel fabrication and mechanical installation services for the food & beverage, water treatment, pharmaceutical and resources industries. With workshop facilities and installation teams in WA, VIC & QLD, TFG’s rapidly growing operations has highlighted the need for strategic IT support.

Growing companies need robust IT systems and processes to protect, enhance and secure the data that they rely on every day. As TFG’s national presence has continued to expand, the needs of both our office and mobile workforce have also increased, making it vital to protect our systems and data.

Simon Cohen, founder of Cohesis, will help the TFG leadership team to drive operational effectiveness through the implementation of a range of new systems and technologies as well as lead improvements in IT Governance and Security.

Peter Walton, General Manager of TFG commented, “Despite continued success over a prolonged period, we continually look at ways of improving our business and our ability to serve our clients. We recognised that we have reached a point where specialist experience and knowledge is required, and we are delighted to have Simon on board as our CIO to support us through this period of change.”

Having already successfully implemented a new CRM platform for the group of companies, Cohesis will be focussed on the continual improvement of TFG’s operating environment, critical business systems, governance and data security.

We would like to warmly welcome Cohesis to the TFG team!

Matilda Bay Circle

TFG started our mechanical installation brewing journey way back in ’96 with the Matilda Bay Brewing Company in Fremantle, Western Australia. TFG is still part of this full-circle story, with Carlton & United Breweries Matilda Bay in Victoria’s pristine Yarra Valley.

TFG are back “making it happen” at the small batch brewery in Healesville, with CUB and Australia’s original craft brewer Phil Sexton. Phil is one of Australia’s leading brewers and winemakers and the founder of the iconic Sail and Anchor and Little Creatures and launched Giant Steps and Innocent Bystander wineries.

“I was involved in the start of the story of craft brewing around the world, and I think there’s some unfinished business with Matilda Bay because it’s got such a place in the history of it,” Mr Sexton said.

After a complete internal renovation of the old Giant Steps cellar in the heart of Healesville, an hour east of Melbourne, CUB, Phil and his team will reveal a modern brewery making about 300,000 litres of beer a year, using clean “mountain water” from the Yarra Valley. The mission Mr Sexton has explained “is to make beautiful beer in an artistic, creative way”.

The TFG crew have been busy with the mechanical install at the Brewery and are very proud to be a part of this circle, the amazing stories it holds and to work with such passionate individuals.   

What is your story?

Behind every great brand is a great story…and TFG have been fortunate to work with many individuals and brewing companies whose stories began with a passion for great beer and a commitment to share it with the world.

TFG started our brewing mechanical installation journey at Matilda Bay back in 1995, then onto The Swan Brewery, and in early 2000’s, Little Creatures in Fremantle and Geelong. The culture and vibe installing at these iconic establishments is aligned with TFG’s passion for developing relationships and working with others who truly show care in their organisations and value their people.

TFG has worked with some well respected and recognisable brands in the brewing industry over the past 25 years. We ventured across the Tasman to Boags Brewery in Launceston and back to the mainland to mechanically install Bluetongue Brewery in Newcastle.

TFG has forged strong relationships with Lion and Coopers and completed major upgrades at their respective breweries in the last 15 years. More recently we have been excited to install several breweries in the Craft Brewing industry and have enjoyed the independent journeys of Pirate Life, Balter Brewery and BrewDog.

In October, Justin and Tom were invited and honoured to be speakers at the ASSDA PacRim Stainless Conference on the Gold Coast and presented TFG’s history of mechanically installing breweries within Australia. It was apparently very humourous, informative and of course a little beer was involved!

We are super proud of our collective wealth of knowledge and our expertise in brewery installations and look forward to being part of many more stories and journeys. Sharing both our challenges and triumphs is real and all part of the narrative that weaves our lives and stories together.

We are ever grateful for our TFG team who are based in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and value all who contribute to our own story and to consistently building things that matter.

Next time you are enjoying a cold beer, imagine all the stories that have been “mashed” together to make it real.

What is your story to share?

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TFG’s Austline Fabrications Division

At TFG, as well as our Foodline Division, we also have our Austline Division, aptly named Austline Fabrications. Austline Fabrications specialises in mild and stainless steel, aluminium and exotic alloy fabrication for a wide range of clients in the resources, capabilities/water, food & beverage and commercial industries. Austline also undertakes highly complex fabrications and installations for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries supplying specialised components to TFG Group’s Foodline Projects division.

Austline Fabrications has experience in the foodbeveragebrewingdairymining & resourceschemical and water industries across all states of Australia. We are very proud of our ability to provide our clients with the experience and a wealth of knowledge that allows for the successful delivery of metal fabrication projects. 

We have teams of welders and fabricators available, and with over 23 years in the stainless steel & metal fabrication, Austline Fabrications can handle any project involving:

  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Orbital Welding 
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

A recent project completed by Austline Fabrications that utilised many stainless steel welders was a project for Clough Suez. This project saw the fabrication of a 10,000-litre Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank. Our stainless steel welders fabricated the tanks using 316-grade stainless steel which was welded to full penetration, X-Ray standards with various sized 316 pipe and flanges. 

Similarly, a project for Evoqua saw the stainless steel fabrication of 32 header spools to the Queensland Water Authority Standard and Specification. Austline’s stainless steel welders fabricated the 16 X 250 NB Spools and the 16 X 350 NB Spools in stainless steel 316 Schedule 10 Pipework. All 384 X 80 NB Victaulic connections. There is 12 per spool, and they were fabricated using both MIG and TIG welding. The delivery was scheduled and on time and met all QA and safety requirements. Our stainless steel welders are proficient in stainless steel fabrication, as demonstrated in this project. 

Austline Fabrications ensures we deliver high-quality fabrication from one-off pieces to full turnkey projects for mechanical and processing systems.

Using stainless steel to weld with maintains Austline Fabrications high standards and quality assurance. Stainless steel is highly sanitary, making it perfect for installation in various food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Austline Fabrication has used sanitary stainless steel welding for Process Partners, where we fabricated and installed pasteuriser skids. Naturally, this environment must be kept sterile, and that is why stainless steel fabrication by TFG Austline was engaged. This project was also delivered with a tight schedule and on time. From receipt of drawings and equipment, the skids were delivered to site within a six-week timeframe. The skids arrived fully assembled, and this enabled the connection on-site to minimise installation and testing time at the Wetherill Park Dairy.

In conclusion, TFG’s Austline Fabrications sector allows for high-quality stainless steel welding and stainless steel fabrication. It is also sanitary, which enables us to work in human-grade environments and even sterile pharmaceutical environments. TFG Austline Fabrications is proud of their hard work and commitment to get the job done right every time through careful planning and quality stainless steel welding & fabrication. 

TFG’s Foodline Division

Within TFG Group, we have two main divisions, Foodline Projects and Austline Fabrications. Our Foodline Projects division allows us to work in the food, beverage, brewing, dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial industries within Australia. We are very proud of Foodline Project’s ability to provide our clients with the experience and a wealth of knowledge that allows for the successful delivery of mechanical installations. 

One of the ways we can guarantee this is through our careful prior planning on every project. We synonymously incorporate engineering, design, drafting, site management and project administration planning so that each project can be carried out with ease.

Foodline Project’s is predominantly known for its stainless steel capabilities. Stainless steel welding is used in a range of ways, but we specifically use it for its sanitary properties. As Foodline Projects’s operates in the food and beverage production industries, all project components must be hygienic. This is also important for the pharmaceutical industry. For a past client, Foodline Project’s carried out pipe welding and tube welding to install bulk purification and sterile filtration systems in a pharmaceutical plant. This had to remain 100% sanitary to ensure that the products being produced in the plant are viable for human consumption. Using orbital welding – which is preferred when dealing with food-grade standards – to seal the pipes and tubes, we also employed the use of a borescope to ensure that the internal welds were secure and of the highest standard. These welds were documented to ASME BPE 2014 Bioprocessing Equipment Standard. 

Another project that utilised stainless steel welding, and pipe welding/tube welding was one Foodline Project’s completed in South Australia, and it involved upgrading a malting plant. TFG stainless welders, pipe welders and tube welders all collaborated to carry out this major mechanical installation. The project utilised a whopping 3 kilometres of 304 and 316-grade pipes and tubes, all-welded to a sanitary standard, again using orbital welding. Stainless steel linings were used in the germination vessels to maintain the hygiene level of the project, which significantly reduces the chance of contamination to the malting process. The install featured an overhead gallery of pipes and tubes that connected the malting plant to the brewery. 

Similarly, Foodline Projects carried out an upgrade in the dairy industry in 2018 that required extreme levels of sanitation. This installation was challenging as everything had to be completed in an aseptic environment – because after all, no one wants contaminated milk – while also maintaining zero lost production time. Foodline Projects managed to achieve this with our committed team of stainless steel tube and pipe welders who were able to complete the project with 100% sanitation and zero downtime, meaning the client was able to maintain production throughout the whole installation.

At TFG Foodline Projects we choose to use stainless steel because it is durable, yet still flexible and because it has a heightened resistance to corrosion, which is essential for sanitation and longevity. Our tube welders and pipe welders are always able to maintain the highest level of asepsis.

Stainless steel truly stands the test of time and allows TFG to make it happen.