Smith's Snackfoods Line Upgrade

Client: Smith’s Snackfoods
Year: 2002-2004
Industry: Food
Location: Adelaide

In 2003, Smith’s Snackfoods embarked on a major production upgrade by installing their first Continuous Kettle Fryer (CKF) machines. This state-of-the-art technology allows a replication of the traditional time-temperature profile of a kettle fryer but in a continuous loop. Due to the changes in oil temperature in standard kettle frying methods, creating a continuous U-shaped temperature profile was a breakthrough in food production technology.

Smith’s Snackfoods engaged TFG Group to install their first Continuous Kettle Fryer (CKF) in their production facility in Regency Park, Adelaide to assist in the production of their new line, Red Rock Deli potato chips.

TFG installed the CKF machinery and all associated pipework, which allowed a complete production line from potato washing, peeling, slicing, frying, seasoning and packaging.

The success of the initial installation as well as the breakthrough success of Red Rock Deli chips led to TFG installing similar machines and associated pipework in Smith’s Tingalpa plant in Queensland. This project was completed in two stages and was finished with no unscheduled lost time to production.