Coopers Brewery

Client: Coopers
Year: 2013-2015
Industry: Brewing
Location: South Australia

In 2013, Coopers Managing Director Tim Cooper announced his intention to double the size of its existing 250sqm Regency Park lager cellar along with installing a second bottling line and two additional fermenters to meet the growing demand of Coopers products in the Australian beer market.

Coopers engaged TFG Group to complete the new bottling line, install upgrades to the mash filter, fermenters and yeast propagation systems and install a new evaporator at the Adelaide plant.

TFG received a special mention from Managing Director Tim Cooper at the opening of the new brewhouse and bottling plant.

The strength and flexibility of the TFG team was put to the test during this installation and they succeeded in completing the brewhouse upgrade within an operating brewery with zero shutdown and zero hours in lost production. 

  • New KHS bottling and packing line dedicated to bottling Coopers’ traditional products at 1200 bottle per minute.
  • Installation of a state-of-the-art Briggs of Burton mash filter for high volume brewing
  • Meura yeast propagation upgrade
  • New fermenter upgrades taking the total number of fermenters at the plant to 24 
  • New Alpha LAVAL evaporator installed for Cooper’s home brew kits.