CSL Biotechnology Manufacturing Facility

Client: CSL Behring
Year: 2016
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Location: Victoria

TFG Group was engaged to replace the thermowell transmitters in 10 different sectors of an operating plant. The project required specialised welders to operate in critical areas with clean and sanitised procedures and equipment to maintain the environments integrity.

A team of four highly qualified tradesmen completed the project within the required timeline, using highly polished 316 stainless steel pharmaceutical grade tube. Orbital welding was used to weld 150 welds, replacing 90-95 thermowells in situ. During the orbital welding process, TFG utilised ISO Din collets, a specialised collet for unique pipework sizes in use at the CSL plant. In the critical environment, specialised manual systems were used for weld preparation due to very limited access to some of the critical areas.

Full traceability was mandatory for all fittings and weld maps, coupled with qualifications and drawing updates to CSL standards and QA requirements. TFG complied with all pharmaceutical QA documentation and performed X-Ray NDT testing on completed welds. All sample welds were reviewed and daily weld tests performed to ensure commitment to quality workmanship in the CSL plant.   

TFG provided highly skilled personnel to ensure the quality of installation was optimal for the client. CSL have commended TFG on the quality of welds and workmanship.