A TFG Love Story….

Once upon a time a handsome young Irish lad came across the oceans to seek his fame and fortune and became the Engineer in a small company in the cosy town of Perth, Western Australia. A cracking lad, fond of a Guinness and a night out, always with a cheeky smile and a “Life is Grand” attitude …..
In another parallel universe a young Irish lass named Emily, left her homeland in search of adventure, excitement and new chamber maids to party with. She arrived in the sleepy hollow called Perth. Emily’s gold coins were running out so she applied coincidentally for a position at the same small company the young handsome Engineer Damien was toiling. The young maiden was hired instantly for her exceptional skills and bubbly personality…..
The cupids arrow had been shot….young (ish) Damien was smitten with the beautiful young Casserly lass. Emily, seemly oblivious to her suitors intentions continued to explore her new found land on weekends. By chance, one fine day Emily ended up at the bottom of a picturesque waterfall, deep in the hills with her chambermaids, when who should come charging in on his powerful stead with his irish lads…….Yep… you guessed it… the young stud Damo!!!!
And the rest my dear people is history….. just over 3 years later while travelling back to their motherland together, the young lovers have returned to Australia bethrothed. We wish them a lifetime of happiness, health and mostly love,love and more love.
Congratulations Damien and Emily… A true modern day love story. It was meant to be.


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