• Quality Assurance and Non-Destructive Testing
    TFG Group

    Quality Assurance, Qualifications and Weld Procedures and Non-Destructive Testing

TFG Group is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System which has allowed us to develop a system that follows world best practice and positions TFG as an industry leader in quality management.

The implementation of an ISO 9001 system ensures quality measures and procedures are in place for all operations to achieve the highest standard of work for our clients. Regular auditing of this system ensures we are continually improving our processes to maintain high standards throughout our activities.

TFG’s top priority is on the safety of our staff and the public as is highlighted through procedures, policies and training which has helped to create an optimal OH&S environment. We are also committed to reducing environmental impacts throughout all activities and are striving to become carbon neutral, offsetting all carbon produced as a result of our work.

We are also proud to be a member and accredited fabricator of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA), providing qualified welders, boilermakers, sheet metal fabricators, pipe fitters, tradesmen and onsite mechanical installers.

TFG utilise a range of qualifications and weld procedures including:

  • Accredited ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • Members and accredited Fabricators of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association
  • Water Corporation accredited fabricators

  • Members of the Australia Steel Institute

  • Qualified in welding Stainless Steel, Carbon and Exotic Alloy Materials

  • Weld procedures and qualifications including GTAW, FCAW and MMAW are in line with Australian Standards including AS3992, ISO, AS1554, AS4041 ASME 9 and API.

TFG partners with several companies to perform non-destructive testing, demonstrating compliance with codes, procedures and client requirements and specifications.

Welds are inspected, tested or evaluated for discontinuities or differences in characteristics without destroying the integrity of the part or item.

Visual testing is used on all welds to eliminate the presence of surface discontinuities or differences. Whilst, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic, ultrasound and hydro testing are used to ensure all components or fabrications comply, providing the highest quality product.

All Non-Destructive Testing is performed by NATA Accredited personnel.