Mechanical Installation Expansion

Client: Process Partners
Year: 2017
Sector: Dairy


Foodline Projects was awarded the mechanical installation of three new flavoured milk lines and three new fillers. Foodline was engaged as one of the lead contractors through Process Partners, who designed and engineered the Lion Flavoured Milk Upgrade at the Wetherill Park Site in New South Wales. This is Lion’s largest dairy project in Australia and is currently in the validation stage.


Process Partners engaged Foodline to install all process equipment, pipework, and services at the Wetherill Park Site. The 10-month project included the mechanical installation of two new tanker bays, one new sugar intake bay, and upgrading the RIS area by installing a 160-valve manifold and two milk coolers. Foodline personnel fabricated and installed the new Raw CIP & PFS systems including the intake components. Foodline also installed 9 batching tanks, 9 PFS tanks, and 3 batch lines.


Due to the limited access on-site, Foodline successfully lifted each tank through the mezzanine level (wall plug) within the PFS area to complete this installation. Agitators and sanitisers were expertly installed in the PSF area coupled with three TFG fabricated and installed pasteuriser skids. Foodline also installed two TFG fabricated pre-heater and thermaliser skids in the components room. In addition, Foodline fabricated and installed all hygienic stainless-steel platforms, along with two specialised fabricated scalloped platforms of 30m and 22m, installed uniquely alongside the batching tanks in the PFS Area.


Lion and Process Partners were ecstatic with the result of zero LTI’s and MTI’s on-site. Foodline tradesmen installed a total of 12km of pipework; 8km of 316 process pipework and 4km of 316 services pipework including stainless and carbon steel. Foodline was proudly involved in every process area in the plant from Raw Storage Intake Components to the Pasteurizer Room and onwards to connections in Filling and Packing. The project was delivered on time and within budget, using aseptic welding equipment and mix proof valves to deliver the best quality installation of dairy equipment and process pipework