Commissioning Through COVID

TFG offers remote commissioning services to brewing manufacturers who have been impacted by the Coronavirus travel restrictions.

There is no doubt that the global Coronavirus pandemic has forced organisations to find innovative solutions to new challenges around travel restrictions. For Australia’s thriving brewing industry, a key challenge has been the inability for German commissioning specialists to travel to Australia for the commissioning stages of brewery upgrades and greenfield installations.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the coronavirus has been the father of innovation and TFG have worked to develop an innovative solution to the commissioning challenges of our customers.
TFG Project Manager Mark Wardell has more than 20 years experience installing and commissioning breweries with some of the world’s largest brewing manufacturers. Having brought this experience to TFG more than 8 years ago, he is sought after around Australia to manage TFGs brewery installation projects.

One of TFG’s most recent remote commissioning requirement was at the expansion of the Balter Brewing facility in Brisbane. Mark worked alongside local brewmasters and the on-site commissioning team who were guided online by two commissioning engineers in Freising, Germany.

By managing the on-site commissioning requirements and liaising with the commissioning engineers in Germany, our clients benefited from being able to meet their growing production needs and commission the upgraded site on time and without the costly travel requirements of their German technicians.

With international travel restrictions staying firmly in place for the near future, TFG is proud to be able to offer remote commissioning services across Australia. For more information on our commissioning services, please contact us on 1300 834 888.