Silicon Carbide Filtration Skid

TFG Group & AquaVoda launch latest Silicon Carbide Filtration Skid


AquaVoda and TFG Group are proud to present their latest collaboration, with a 0.1 micron silicon carbide filtration skid.

Designed to remove 100% of suspended solids and 99.99% of bacteria, this skid-mounted filtration system is bound for a client looking for a solution to filter their oily wastewater. The feed permeate output is clean and clear water, which can be easily re-used for a range of different applications. What’s left is a highly concentrated waste output, which can be safely and economically disposed of, reducing the customer’s overall trade waste bill. 

The 8 x Silicone Carbide tubular membranes are rated at 0.1 micron and have the added bonus of being NSF 61 approved, incredibly robust and able to process oily water, removing suspended solids to meet the clients specific requirements. With a low energy output and long lifetime, Silicon Carbide membranes are also popular for their low fowling potential and high flux rates, making them a robust, durable and sustainable filtration solution. 

With a typical recovery of 95L of clean water output for every 100 L of dirty feed water input, this is a highly efficient process.  This particular skid will filter between 2,500 – 5,000L per hour of oily waste water, or up to 25,000L per hour of ground water. 

AquaVoda are Australia’s exclusive supplier for Cembrane water filtration membranes which offer applications for Wastewater, Potable water, Re-use and Process applications such as CIP recovery and RO pre-filtration. AquaVoda offer next-gen technology solutions that seamlessly integrate into your facilities and operations. 

TFG Group is one of Australia’s premier Stainless Steel fabrication and mechanical installation companies with more than 28 years experience in the water treatment, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and mining industries. With workshops in WA, QLD & VIC and additional project teams available nationally, TFG Group are perfectly positioned to assist with: 

  • Fabrication of skids, pipe spools, vessels, valve manifolds, platforms, access equipment and more
  • Installation to site including process pipework, equipment installs, relocation services and 
  • Maintenance services to ensure your plant is operating at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. 

TFG Group & AquaVoda partnered with a number of suppliers for this project including IFM Sensors & Controls, Allen Bradley PLCs and Dixon Valves