TFG Launches New Brand!

From little things, big things grow! 

In 2020, TFG celebrated 25 years in business.

Built from the ground up with passion and persistence, the TFG team have built an incredible legacy. As TFG looked To Further Grow, it was time to renew our branding to ensure that it was robust enough to carry us through the next stage of our growth story.

After months of work, we are excited to announce the official launch of our new brand!

In approaching the brand renewal project, there were 4 key objectives;

  1. LOCATION: With workshop and offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, the TFG brand is truly national and allows us to support our customers, no matter where they are
  2. SERVICE DELIVERY: The new brand saw the removal of our two divisions, Austline Fabrications and Foodline Projects. This has allowed us to consolidate our service delivery through a single core brand offering 3 service streams: Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance
  3. DIVERSIFICATION: The new brand was designed to assist in our diversification into emerging industries while still allowing us to consolidate and strengthen our position in our core areas.
  4. FOCUS ON SAFETY & QUALITY: While we may look different, our commitment to safety and quality hasn’t changed. TFG will not compromise on quality or safety, delivering fabrication, installation and maintenance services to the highest food, beverage & pharmaceutical grade standards.

In redesigning the graphical elements of our brand, we identified immediately that this was an ‘evolution’ not a ‘revolution’. The new brand speaks to both TFG’s heritage and its future. The typeface has been updated and reweighted and the drop component speaks to the ripple effect which has fueled our expansion across Australia.

TFG’s promise has never changed and remains the core component of our business model:

We’ll make it happen.