TFG wins ASSDA Fabricator of the year


[Gold Coast, 18th October 2023] — TFG Group is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievement in being honoured with the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA)’s Fabricator of the Year Award in the Process Industries Category. This prestigious recognition comes in the wake of an innovative project at Pact Group’s Horsley Park contract manufacturing facility, which exemplifies TFG Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Excellence in Design, Fabrication, and Installation:

TFG Group’s award-winning project is distinguished by its exceptional approach to design, fabrication, and installation. The cornerstone of innovation lay in our pioneering decision to utilise stainless steel for all support structures, a forward-thinking solution that streamlined installation, enhanced aesthetics and durability, and harmonised efficiency with sustainability.

Innovation that Redefines Industry Standards:

The project introduced ground breaking innovations, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Our off-site prefabrication strategy, executed across our Melbourne and Brisbane workshops, significantly reduced costs and efforts for the client. It allowed pre-installation quality checks, reduced on-site installation time, and minimised safety risks by reducing the number of contractors on site. Furthermore, the utilisation of orbital welding technology ensured consistent, high-quality welds in a sanitary, efficient manner.

Quality and Customer Service:

Our unwavering commitment to customer service was demonstrated by our collaborative approach, which encompassed all phases of the project, from design through to fabrication and installation. This ongoing collaboration ensured that client expectations were meticulously understood and met. Our ability to swiftly mobilise and demobilise teams, coupled with our workforce flexibility, significantly enhanced project efficiency. This customer-centric ethos played a pivotal role in fostering open communication, optimised resource allocation, and aligned our efforts with the client’s vision.

The words of David Frost, Project Manager for Pact Group serve as a testament to the quality of service provided: “We’re delighted to have engaged the TFG Group as one of our partners in this complex project. The diversity in the skills that they bring to the table in terms of design, fabrication across multiple states, and their ability to deliver in a timely fashion, has assisted us in achieving the outcome of this valuable project to our business. I’m delighted to have worked with TFG and I’d recommend them and work with them at any time on a project of this nature.”

TFG Group’s dedication to stringent quality requirements, including the passivation of all welds, adherence to strict weld procedures, and fabrication in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1528.1, underlines our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards.

This accolade represents not only TFG Group’s excellence but also its pioneering spirit in the stainless steel industry. We are honoured to receive the ASSDA Fabricator of the Year Award, a recognition that exemplifies our dedication to pushing boundaries, prioritising sustainability, and delivering exceptional value to our clients.